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(530) 392-0714

Auburn Office
200 Tuttle Street
Auburn, Ca. 95603

Auburn Class
Auburn Grace Community Church

Room 203
3126 Olympic Way
Auburn, Ca. 95603

Roseville Class
Best Western Orchid Suites.
130 N. Sunrise Ave.
Roseville 95661.

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Stage 1 Class:
  Wednesday 6p.m.
  Thursday 6p.m.
Stage 2/3 Class:
  Tuesdays 6p.m.
  A Seminar for Women

David Morton
Director & Facilitator


Mean mugging.
The Evil Eye.
The Big Stink.
The Silent Treatment.

They're all forms of emotional violence that hurt you and the ones you love.

MAV Center

Now Viewing: Accept Full Responsibility

We Must Accept Full Responsibility For Our Lives 

     Accepting full responsibility for all our actions, including our emotional and our behavioral responses to all life situations, is the definitive step toward human maturity.  However, the tendency to blame our responses on other persons or things is as old as the human race.  Many of us grew up as blamers.  We defended our most unacceptable behavior: “You had it coming.”  You did the same thing to me.”  “I’m just giving you a taste of your own medicine.” We learned to explain away our failures on the grounds that we did not have the right materials to work with, or we even pleaded that “our stars were not in proper alignment; the moon was not in the proper house.”  The essential sadness is that blamers are not in contact with reality.  As a result, they do not get to know themselves.  They do not mature.  They do not grow.  It is a fact of life: Growth begins where blaming ends.  The opposite of this blaming tendency is to accept full responsibility for  our lives, to become an owner, not a blamer.   

     Owners know that something in their past explains their emotional and behavioral responses to life.  It is clearly the definitive step toward human maturity.  Responsibility ensures that we will grow up……

MAV Center
A re-education program to help men
with intimacy, communication skills and violence prevention.

Richard Buschman




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